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  Use case: Extracting 2-D slices from x/y/t image timeseries AverageTemperatureColor. Climate researchers want to obtain 2-D slices from 3-D x/y/t temperature data. A 3-D visualization client allows users to inspect the temperature across the globe. By adjusting the slider and clicking on the retrieve button the slice at a certain position in time can be viewed. The particular advantage of such a viewer is that not the whole (large) cube needs to be transported over the networks, but only the selected slices (which usually are comparatively small). Only when the user selects another slicing position, and presses retrieve, new slices need to be fetched. This way, the user can inspect data with a much better interactive experience.

  The Service: The following Use Cases are being presented below. Select a time slice using the slider and press on retrieve to display it on the globe. You can also click on the Run timelapse button to see a time lapse of the slices in time.
You can also combine the temperature dataset with a chlorofile dataset that contains data in the ocean and sea areas. Press on the Combine button and then on the Retrieve button to get the combined data.