Array Databases allow storing and querying massive multi-dimensional arrays, such as sensor, image, simulation, and statistics data appearing in domains like earth, space, and life science.

rasdaman ("raster data manager") has pioneered the field of array databases [VLDB 1994, VLDB 1997, SIGMOD 1998, VLDB 2003] and today is sets itself apart by its flexibility, performance, and scalability [SSDBM 2014, SIGMOD DanaC 2014, IJDE 2015]. Rasdaman embeds itself smoothly into relational databases, but can also run standalone on the file system. In fact, rasdaman still is the first fully implemented, operationally used system with an array query language and optimized, multi-parallel processing engine with unprecedented scalability. Known rasdaman database sizes exceed 100 TB; with EarthServer, intercontinental fusion of Petabyte datacubes is being established.

The concepts implemented in rasdaman have massively shaped Big Data standards, such as