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The OGC Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS) Language Interface Standard (OGC document 08-068r2) defines a protocol-independent language for the extraction, processing, and analysis of multi-dimensional gridded coverages such as sensor, image, or statistics data. Services implementing this language provide access to original or derived sets of geospatial coverage information, in forms that are useful for client-side rendering, input into scientific models, and other client applications. See the WCPS for more background. The WCPS standard is available from OGC as document 08-068r2.

An embedding of the protocol-neutral WCPS language into WCS is given by defining an additional WCS request type, ProcessCoverages. Further, there is an embedding specification for WCPS over WPS as carrier protocol (OGC document 09-045).

Reference manual and Tutorial document the WCPS standard. The WCPS Abstract Syntax sandbox allows to explore WCPS with sample data sets and some sample requests, for inspiration.

This site offers a variety of WCPS demonstrations.