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The OGC Web Coverage Service Interface Standard (WCS) 2.0, adopted in August 2010, provides access to coverage data in forms that are useful for client-side analysis and rendering, or as input into scientific models. Among the modular functionality facets is the OGC Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS), a spatio-temporal geo raster query language.

In comparison to WFS and WMS, WCS plays a particular role in the OGC modular service framework:

  • Unlike OGC WMS, which portrays spatial data to return pictures meaningful only to humans, WCS provides data originally and unaltered (e.g., through coloring) and with machine-understandable rich descriptions allowing to interpret and process them further. Further, WCS is fully multi-dimensional and, hence, can operate on any spatio-temporal coverage.
  • Unlike OGC WFS, which returns discrete geospatial features and as such can also return complete coverages, WCS allows to flexibly subset and streamline coverages for analysis and visualization.

This site offers a series of hands-on WCS demonstrations for manifold application scenarios, functionality facets, processing tasks.