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WCPS-Manual / trigonometricExpr

The trigonometricExpr element specifies a unary induced trigonometric operation.


C1 be a coverageExpr

for all fields r ∈ rangeFieldNames(C1): r is numeric.


for any coverageExpr C2
where C2 is one of

Csin = sin( C1 )
Ccos = cos( C1 )
Ctan = tan( C1 )
Csinh = sinh( C1 )
Ccosh = cosh( C1 )
Carcsin = arcsin( C1 )
Carccos = arccos( C1 )
Carctan = arctan( C1 )

C2 is defined as follows:

The server shall respond with an exception if one of the coverage's grid cell values or its null values is not within the domain of the function to be applied to it.


The following expression replaces all (numeric) values of coverage C with their sine:

sin ( C )